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I am a storyteller. I use my mixed media collage artwork to convey the inspiration I feel for the lives and accomplishments of exceptional people. Most of my pieces celebrate people that have one thing in common: genius. A genius is someone with exceptional intellectual, creative power or other natural abilities. Each collage I create is born out of my passion to share these inspirational stories with others. I feel a sense of awe when I research and curate the elements I include in each piece. My goal is to tell colorful, complex, and rich stories that convey the beauty and genius of each highlighted person's life. Everyone's life is uniquely special and once we see beauty and genius in others, it is easier to recognize it in our own stories.

Artist Statement





Artwork that receives The Rosemary Cox Prize for Art is peer-reviewed and voted on by editors and advisors from the Creative License magazine published by Georgia State University. 

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