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Dimensions: 8” H X 10” W. Portrait orientation.  

Watercolor, ink, and open-sourced printed materials on heavyweight paper.

8" x 10" print of artwork $40 + shipping.

Contact artist for purchase.

Elon Musk

Have you ever wondered what kind of person could change how the world uses energy or would be bold and intelligent enough to drive humanity to occupy Mars? Elon Musk is that person. He created the car company Tesla and made the idea of electric cars sexy, desirable, and profitable. The electric car has been around for years. However, before Elon Musk, their popularity was relegated to a few enthusiasts. Today, Tesla is a profitable car company, and Musk has driven the entire car market toward electric cars. He has created and manufactured new types of batteries to allow people worldwide to meet their energy needs. He is also the visionary who has developed new types of rockets and spacecraft to enable us to successfully travel to the International Space Station, and soon, to the Moon and Mars, where he plans to set up the first human colony. This collage shows him in a casual position looking upward, signifying his quirky personality and skyward vision for the future. A photo of a Tesla car is positioned in front of a tree branch to show how Tesla electric cars integrate into our urban landscape and continue to move us forward toward energy conservation. A vintage advertisement of "streamlining" shows how Elon Musk's vision of transportation has been born out because of his ability to streamline, change, and create exciting new features for his beautiful electric cars, rockets, spaceships, and more. The red circle at the top of the collage represents Elon Musk's vision for space travel and the human occupation of the planet Mars. The ovals in the collage show how Elon Musk's ideas are encapsulated, organized, colorful, ethereal, yet continually developing, changing, and moving. The vintage sheet music shows his ideas are like musical notes that he summons and assembles into compositions, symphonies that comprise his vision for the future of humanity.

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