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Trailblazer Collection



My "Trailblazer Collection" was selected by a juried panel to be included in the "Celebrations Exhibit" at the Alpharetta Arts Center.

The show runs from June14 - August 5, 2023.

The Celebrations Exhibit

I create biographical artwork that highlights great genius. The "Trailblazer Collection" consists of three 30" x 48" mixed media collages which celebrate the lives and achievements of Katherine Johnson, Madame Curie and Rosalind Franklin. These collages are meant to be bright, yet decayed, frenetic and moody. The dripping and sprayed paint, the layering of content, and broad paint strokes are meant to convey the hardship, struggle and determination of these ladies to overcome racial and gender biases in their fields. The neon colors represent the brilliance of each woman and their world changing ideas and contributions.

Nothing was easy for these ladies! Long thankless hours of work, snide remarks and a whole society trying to hold them back. Yet, they continued to follow their dreams and never gave up. We should all celebrate these brave, determined women who used their genius and passion for mathematics and science to change the world!

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