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Fanciful Figures Collection




All eight pieces of my "Fanciful Figures Collection" were selected by a juried panel to be included in the "Whimsy Exhibit" at the

Alpharetta Arts Center.

The show runs from August 7 - September 23, 2023.

The Whimsy Exhibit 

The Fanciful Figures Collection peeks into people's dreams and desires. These dynamic, fun mixed-media analog collages are created using spray painted backgrounds, vintage papers, and embellishments. Each piece is on an 8" x 10" wood panel and is overlaid with resin creating a brilliant topcoat shine enhancing the completed collages. The pieces are placed in black floating frames to showcase their vibrant colors. 


From Einstein’s Dreams that changed the world to a mom who is Ms. Universe for her family and friends. From a Spring Princess who oozes the joy and happiness of the season to Falling Money which ultimately doesn’t make you happy, although many dream it will. From Looking at life in different ways to the way we Thrive through friendship, travel, art, music, and time. From a fun Sugar, Sugar girl who laughs at life and doesn’t take it too seriously to Green Travel that represents how shared adventures can achieve the desire for closer relationships. These eight Fanciful Figure Collages are fun representations of people's dreams and desires.

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