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Dimensions: 8” H X 10” W. Portrait orientation.  

Watercolor, ink, and open-sourced printed materials on heavyweight paper.

8" x 10" print of artwork $40 + shipping.

Contact artist for purchase.

Albert Einstein

This "Paper Genius" collage celebrates Albert Einstein, the famous physicist who forever changed the world with his theory of general relativity and his E=mc^2 equation. This collage shows a black and white photograph of a man alone, signifying his single-handed struggle to weave the threads of gravity, energy, light, mass, and time into a tapestry called the general theory of relativity. The vintage musical score shows that Einstein loved to play his violin, which he named Lina, and used music as a muse to tease out the threads of his theories. A vintage clock looms large in this collage because he forever changed how we calculate and perceive time. According to his Theory of Relativity, the closer to the speed of light one travels, the slower time moves for that person. The pinks and reds in this collage represent that his thoughts were bright and brilliant. The gold-colored circles are like Einstein's ideas, forever changing in size or nature but consistently shinning with the permanence and brilliance of gold. The vintage script "E" is for Einstein, but also calls to mind the early twentieth century, a gentile age where the handwritten script was the norm and computers had not yet been invented.

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