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Dimensions: 8” H X 10” W. Portrait orientation.  

Watercolor, ink, and open-sourced printed materials on heavyweight paper.

8" x 10" print of artwork $40 + shipping.

Contact artist for purchase.

Madame Curie

Have you ever wondered who discovered radioactivity?

This "Paper Genius" collage celebrates that person, Madame Curie. This collage was created using vintage books and music papers, ethereal hand-painted watercolors, and hand-drawn images. The vintage sheet music used reflects the symphony of her mind. She was so talented, curious, and brilliant that each thought was like a note in a grand symphony of scientific creativity, drive, and discovery. She used her talent to break down social boundaries and became the first woman to win a Nobel prize. She was the first person, man or woman, to win 2 Nobel Prizes (One in Physics 1903 and Chemistry 1911). The circles, graphics of laboratory flasks, and vintage scraps of text make art out of her science. Being a chemist, she used these flasks to purify and isolate the two elements she discovered: radium and polonium. The water-colored circles give the piece the feeling of ethereal movement, like the bubbling of liquids under a Bunsen burner or like the swirling ideas she had to capture and control to make her grand discoveries. The vintage scraps of text overpainted with white illustrate how she revealed hidden ideas and data to make her ground-breaking discoveries.

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